Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day One - Reality Check

The team arrived at the airport at 4:30am! Yes A....M....! Our travel was smooth through Houston and we arrived right on time! We did discover that Costa Rica does not move to daylight savings time, so the time here is two hours earlier than Columbus. Traffic affected our pick and travel, but eventually we arrived at the Rodney & Cindy LeFrance's home where we stay through our trip.

Before we got a chance to take a breath, we heard that the delivery of the materials for the Yellow House had arrived at the Casita (the small room where all activities take place for the ministry). We grabbed a couple bites of snacks and walked to the delivery site. Everyone -- including our two VERY impressive ladies, jumped in to help the locals who were already working. In the past, we were left much to ourselves as we worked, but this time, many locals are helping with the efforts. We are very excited about this, because we want there to be local ownership of the ministry.

We walk the very narrow p
ath to Marvin's house we will be replacing and discover a far more desperate need than we had imagined. Open sides, dirt floors, a dangerous location all make the situation not comparable to most anything in the States. The team, especially those here for the first time are dramatically impacted by the poverty and need of this small community called Anonos and it's people.

After time to relax a bit and have dinner, we gather together along with a couple of the local young adult guys and learn about how our schedule of building will go as well as other ministry we will be doing this week. We worship together and hear the stories of what God is doing here -- a revival of sorts has broken out as young people and addicts are seeking Go
d -- falling on their faces before a holy God, desiring HIM above all else.

We will now sleep well! Ready for tomorrow and all it will bring -- whatever God decides that will be.

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  1. Exciting to hear of the community excitement with the yellow house! We had a great weekend here - the prison outreach was a success, the weekend celebrations were great,the youth team had an awesome week in the inner-city, the China team leaves on Thursday and Uganda is waiting in the wings. How cool that God's work literally goes on night and day, all over the world! Be safe, work hard!