Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 5 - Half Way Point

Today was focused -- work on the house! Then work on the house more! Then redo the mistakes made on the house! Then work on the house yet again! All of this through blazing sun, then threat of rain, then sun again. Building was a challenge since we are really doing three things -- building with our crew, partnering with the Ticos who know the work AND training younger guys in the skills they need to do these projects. Each of these is critical as we move into the future with the partnership in CR. We could sense that the enemy was trying to challenge us as several relationships seemed to be on edge. In addition, because there were so many people working (or watching the work) at times (sometimes 30 or more), mistakes were made and several "do-overs" were needed. Part of teaching is allowing mistakes, so everyone is learning. Despite the set-backs, all walls and rafters are in place, so that tomorrow the roof, doors and windows can be set and the painting --- YELLOW of course, can be done. Only the electric will be left to do and a local electrician comes in to work on that.

We also finished the wall too -- realized tonight that we have a misspelling, but we'll fix that tomorrow. Murals in your 2nd language is not as easy as you may think! At dinner, Rodney told us that Marvin talked to him today about all that this new house means to him. He talked about having gone into a kind of depression for a long while, believing that no one cared about him and become very closed off from the village. He said that he never knew that this many people in his community cared about him. He is also amazed that people would come all the way from the states to build his home. He used to be an artist of sorts, but in his depression had given it up. The feelings that he has now because of this outpouring of love shown to him h
ave now caused him to want to go back to painting and drawing. God is softening his heart and we believe he will soon come to Jesus. You see, it really is MORE than a yellow house!

Tonight, some of the guys went to the Planche' to spend time with the teens and play some ball. More importantly, they are forming real relationships that have given way to conversations about life and relationship with Jesus -- you should hear some of the Spanish coming out of our team!!!

I went with Rodney to a home Bible Study in a local home -- 14 people were crammed into a very small living area (maybe 7X9) as we studied the parable of the seeds and the soils. How amazing to see seekers, believers and new Christ-followers come together and seek God through His Word. Lots of wonderful things happened, but just one story for today -- the question was asked, what "rocks" or "weeds" are you struggling with in your life right now? Giovanni, a 19 year old new believer (being freed from drug and alcohol) said that his relationship with his mother was strained and that he treated her with disrespect and harsh words. Rodney told him that he should go to her, look her in the eyes and seek here forgiveness -- now did I tell you that his mother was sitting across the room? Rodney told him he could do this later, but this young man humbly walked to his mother and fell at her feet, looked up at her and asked forgiveness. He then fell into her lap and began to weep. Others of us in the room moved to him and began to pray for him and he began to heave as he cried. This lasted for more than 10 minutes. More prayer ministry took place, but god was doing too much to tell here.

More than a house. More than a trip. More than come gringos going south. It is a God-mission, a God-sized endeavor for which only HE has the power!

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  1. well THANK YOU for ending with a tear-fest! Giovanni's story is precious. the misspelled word in the mural is funnier to the people here who don't have to fix it - hope it didn't spell anything naughty or controversial - lol. Loving the stories of cooperation- things like mentoring, kindness, acceptance of mistakes and faults, lack of anger, sense of humor are often unheard of in other cultures and your modeling Christ-like reponses will be remembered. You ARE a visual picture of the Body of Christ - that needs NO translation!