Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Heading to Costa Rica

We will be traveling to San Jose, Costa Rica and then ministering in the communities of Los Anonos and Jasmin. Our hosts will be Harvest Hands Ministry, led by Rodney and Cindy LeFrance. Both communities are filled with some of the poorest and neediest people in Costa Rica. While Costa Rica is considered a “Christian” nation, the vast majority of its people have no personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Poverty, drug addition and sexual promiscuity are huge problems.
During our time there we will build a brand new house for Karla Medrana and her three children, Aaron, Luciana and Helena. We will also be working on other projects while building relationships with people in the community. This all men’s group is excited to see what challenges God has for us as we follow His call to GO!

The team consists of, Front Row: Ed Minhinnick, Steve Selegue, Paul Trasin, Ed Wingo
Back Row: Phil Arledge, Craig Arledge, Brian Robertson, Jeff Spratt