Thursday, June 18, 2009

Preparing Ourselves for Service - One Month to Go!

Since this team is made up of individuals from 3 churches, we have worked to make sure we are ready to become ONE TEAM on the field. On Saturday, June 6th the entire team came together in Columbus for 6 HOURS! Yes, but it was way more fun than it sounds.

We took time to listen to each other's stories so that we can rejoice in how God brought each of us to the team. In what can only be God, everyone was very open and shared things that can often take lots of time together to discover. This kind of openess really began to cement the team as a group almost immediately.

Throughout our day together, we talked about the gifts and abilities we each bring to the team. We discussed the challenge of cross-cultural ministry including making sure we go to Coast Rica as servants, not judges! A couple of "games" helped challenge us in the area of communicating in a language that is not our primary language -- let's just say that there were blind folds involved and we'll leave the rest to your imagination! The February CR team (special kudos to Steve Selegue!) provided a wonderful dinner for us in Bert's Cafe'. We worshiped together in the Saturday Celebration and then ended the day praying together for this trip, the people of Costa Rica, and asked God to use us as His hands and heart there.

Please pray for the final stages of our fund raising. Stories are coming in of God's miraculous provision for our trip costs. Also, pray that over the next month, our planning will go smoothy and that we can come up with lots of creative ways to ministry while there. Just one more month to go!