Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 3 - The House...and More Begin

Today is actually "Yellow House, Day 1". We leave early to start work, frankly wondering what all lies ahead as we try to figure out exactly how to build this one. Praise God, the designer of the yellow houses was here all day, guiding our crew in the initial stages -- the really important ones -- of the footers/foundation. If you don't the house square every thing else goes wrong. The best part of today is that at least a dozen, probably more Ticos are with us -- not watching -- but looking. We are thrilled that what is happening is that we are doing far more than coming in and giving. We are now teaching! There is nothing like seeing people contribute wholeheartedly to their own community. This means that the effort can be sustained even in times when teams from the states are not here.

As we begin the day, Eric takes on of our buddies (Jason) to the clinic. A couple of weeks ago, he went with a team hiking to pray on a mountain near here and one of the visiting teens, trying to be funny, pushed him and he hit a rock and sliced open his foot -- ten stitch
es!!! Now, Jason is the guy who I we net last July who was a crack addict who had been stabbed in the leg -- we took him to the clinic then too! We're pretty sure he's accident prone!!! The great news is that he is all out for Jesus, has been living in deliverance and freedom and is doing great -- other than that needing surgery thing he keeps going through!!

The rest of the team divides into three groups -- partneri
ng with locals on projects:
1. digging/footer crew - making sure the house is level and steady
2. panel crew - building the walls that will go up later in the week

3. mural crew - another mural project awaits, this one at the entrance to the "drug area" of the village called the Cabrada! This one will have an overtly spiritual message!

Everyone works hard all day.
We are thrilled to see the ownership that is being taken by the locals. By day's end, many on our team are "supervising", while the Ticos are doing the work -- and some of this work takes real skill! Progress and answered prayer! Quick breaks are taken for lunch and then a late day cafe' (coffee). Our construction goals were all met and many spiritual relationships are continuing to form and grow.

After dinner some of the guys go down to play at little football with the young men! They seems to love having Gringos around -- especially men who give them attention, love an respect. You would be proud of these guys who are just pouring themselves out into these still developing lives -- lives that only God knew He would draw into the Kingdom in miraculous ways!

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  1. Awesome post and pictures. I am sure the house will be very hard but in the end, that sweet man and his boy will have their very own home, built with love by a bunch of sweaty gringos:) We miss you but we CHEER YOU ON!!