Thursday, July 16, 2009

36 Hours and Counting!

The team leaves for Costa Rica at 6:15AM this Saturday. We have lots of ministry planned and exspect much ministry to take place that only God knows about at this point. Reports from Anonos are coming in and we cannot wait to get on the ground. Just in the past 2 weeks a "revival" of sorts has broken out among the young adult guys as well as the addicts in the village. Nearly 60 of these precious souls are now asking that a church be started!

A "church?" you might ask. You see, Harvest Hands is a ministry that works with several local congrrgations helping to supply workers and start ministries in the area. They have not started a church...until now! There are a couple of churches in the village, but each of these brings
"issues" to the table that make ministry to young people and especially addicts and issue. In our discussions over the past year, we knew that only God would be able to do what it took to start a churchin Anonos. Apparently, He is up to just that now. He is working in the lives of young men who are seeing the need to give their all to Jesus and fully follow Him. Addicts are ASKING for minsitry and desire to know Jesus. The Holy Spirit is breaking out in miraculous ways as he is healing and delivering individuals "on the spot"!

We get to step into this atmosphere!!! Pray that as we do, that we will be conduits of sorts for Jesus to minister! The "yellow house" we will be building will be one of the most complicated yet built, so pray that God gives us and the workers there insight into the most efficient way to build. Also, because this is the first "yellow house" in Anonos, our prayer is that people in the village will see us building and be drawn to the effort where we can tell them that JESUS has come to build this house -- and build their lives!

We seek transformation continually at New Life and we desire transformation to take place in us and through us beginning Saturday! Come back and watch the progress.

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  1. So excited to hear more - have a GREAT trip! Be safe, be happy & healthy and be ready for whatever God gives you - exciting times!