Sunday, February 8, 2009

We are here!

After a long day of travel -- including a 5 hour layover in Newark, NJ (if you get the chance, don't!) -- we arrived in San Jose 45 minutes AHEAD of schedule! For those of us who have been here before, it is a homecoming of sorts. The new guys discovered that it is easy to feel quickly at home with missionaries Rodney and Cindy as well as staff members Rebecca and Joy. We were in bed by midnight, working to adjust to the sounds of the area. Paul asked Rodney if the screaming we heard was an animal or a human and Rodney's reply was, "what you hear is Saturday night."

As I type this morning, we have had breakfast (baked oatmeal) and will head off to church soon. Immediately after church we will have lunch with church members and then head to Jasmine to start on our construction project -- no Sundays off on a mission trip! Plans have changed, so we'll be starting from the ground up on a house -- including 49 post holes dug by hand in hard clay! Craig and Phil will be in charge of the concrete preparation. This will consist of hauling buckets of sand, concrete mix, rocks and water up a hill and mixing it on the ground! A fun day lies ahead for this group of men on a mission from God.


  1. Looks like a picture of Phil enjoying his last Mountain Dew for 10 days! We miss you! All are healthy today. Praying for you. I know you are looking forward to the concrete work!

    The kids say, "hello"!


  2. You arrived EARLY???? No 3-day-delay in Newark? No layover in Memphis? No missing luggage?? WOW. Your trip is a success already! We had a great time at the Women's Encounter- and it is a balmy 38 degrees here in Ohio. Be safe, do some good work, bring a bucket-full of blessings along with the sand and concrete! We are praying for you :) Cindy