Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 3! Mucho Progresso!

We rose early this morning and made our way immediately to the two work sites. 4 guys started work on the roof of "house #1" while three others began to place, level and cement in what can best be described as pillars in the 49 holes we dug yesterday. By lunch time about half the roof was complete and about half of the holes had pillars placed and leveled -- it's too complicated for all "you lay people"! Any way, after lunch we were back at it. Several of us discovered that our sun screen was not working to the fullest of its potential! HA! Another application of sun screen allowed us to continue unhindered through the afternoon.

As the roofing team completed their work, they headed over to the foundation team area as we placed dry concrete in the holes. Everyone got into the spirit of the moment as most of us (again, no names her) began to make the way down the hill with large 5 gallon buckets to get water. Did we mention that there is no running water in Jasmin so the water has to be hauled? Did we also mention that when you go DOWN a hill with an empty bucket it is required to return UP the hill the a full bucket? AND this is no ordinary hill! We'll have to explain this one when we get home. We're talking heavy stuff here!

As the water arrived, it was poured into the holes to begin setting the concrete. Probably 20-25 buckets and many trips up and down later, the holes are filled and the concrete can set overnight. Before leaving the village, the little local church offered us cafe' and fresco (it's any form of fruit drink INCLUDING kool aid) as well as some of the best bread we have ever had. They had cheese or fruit inside. I am struck that even in their deep need their hospitality would outshine many of us in our excess.

Today it was obvious the the children of Jasmin now have new "heroes". You must realize the power of the following -- Gringos in a Latin American country, MEN in a village where many fathers and male role models are absent and anyone willing to take the time to play with children. So throughout the day, the kids took photos (with our cameras of course), got wheel barrow rides from Jeff, received candy from Craig, helped us "build" and were constantly around "helping" us. Paul seemed to be very popular when the kids thought they might get a ride in the truck. The steeps hills make every ride feel like Disney World!

Back to the house to rest and treat our sun burns! Manyana will come early!


  1. First of all, is "mucho progresso" real spanish - c'mon now?? WOW-the amount of work, and the primitive conditions, are amazing - but the pictures with the kids and the impact you are having just being kind, present, friendly, fun MEN for those children - WOW. Prayers for some good rest, good strong backs and lots of muscle, good attitudes and truckloads of blessings!

  2. Phil: I bet you are glad you did plyo before you left! Hope you are remembering to re-apply that sunscreen...don't forget your ears!