Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Home AND Changed

We arrived home in Ohio over 30 minutes early. The late departure from San Jose caused us to barely make the flight to Columbus from Newark, but we made it. Apparently tail winds were our friends as we traveld north!

While it good to be back home, I am sure that all of us left part of ourselves -- especially our hearts -- in Costa Rica.

Now the chance is ours to be forever transformed and live out what God did in our hearts there on a daily basis here. We will share with anyone at anytime, whenever asked.

Just a note. You will remember that Phil helped Rodney clear the field near the ministry house incasea fire broke out. Monday night, after being away from the house, the Harvest Hands team returned to find that a fire had indeed started in that field. Cindy says it is a mess, but the house is safe. We missed the excitement by just 1 day!

Our next trip to Costa Rica will be July 18-27. Please give me a call at 614-475-8500 or email me at if you are interested.

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