Tuesday, February 3, 2009

5 Days & Counting

Our team met Monday evening along with our spouses one last time before leaving this coming Saturday. We went over last minute details and prayed together for God's blessing on our efforts.

We have recieved photos of one of the families that we will be building for while there. Karla Medrana has 3 children: a boy, Aarón, 10 years old, then girls Luciana, 7 and Helena is 4. We are very excited to get to meet them and help them step into a new chapter of their lives.

We fly out of Columbus this Saturday at 10:50am and arrive in San Jose' at about 9:45pm. The weather is suppossed to be warmer and not snowly, so our flights should not be affected. we do fly through Newark, NJ so that, as always, oculd be an issue. We have a lenthly layover there, so we should be fine.

One of our team members, Ed Wingo is having to stay home for back surgery. We will miss him, but it is important that this be taken care of quickly.

Karla's spot for her new "yellow house" (the term the locals use since
the church paints all their house builds yellow!)
Karla's 3 children as they were packing up their belongings
before their current home was taken down.
Workers from the community help dig footers for the new home. The
Church is working to make sure villagers help with their own community.

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