Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 1 - Traveling South

We began wondering whether the tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico would impact us...but overall...besides a few turbulents, all went very well. It strikes me that the amount of faith we must put in jet air craft seems to be so strong (at least for most of us) and yet we struggle to truly deeply trust God in all things. He has never had a mechanical issue, never crashed, never gotten stuck on a runway for hours....frankly, there is no reason to not fully place faith in his great love for us.

So we had a different sort of trip than in the past --- our first flight from C'bus to ATL had us in the last 2 rows of a very large plane. When we looked out our windows, there was the side of a jet engine! So as we landed in ATL, we could see nothing. Later, as we landed in San Jose, it was already dark and raining lightly, so we could see nothing...again that "faith thing".

We are now all settling in at the mission house and set to be ready in the morning for a great day of ministry! Wonder what faith steps will need to be taken tomorrow. Follow us each day for exciting news!

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