Friday, October 16, 2009

Off to Costa Rica Again!

I (Pastor Brian) will be traveling to Costa Rica again this month - October 23-29. I will be going down to meet with a group of US and Costa Rican pastors and missionaries who partner together with Harvest Hands to minister in the community of Los Anonos (in San Jose'). We will be discussing the next steps moving forward in ministry there.

As you have read in past entries, God is at work among the people, especially the young men, of thsi small and greatly needy community. As God has begun to transform lives, there is a need to now establish a church there in a more formal manner -- THE Church is there, but a building is needed so that there is room for growth at meetings and a central location from which to minister in a more affective manner. We will also be discussing future efforts in the "Yellow House Project" in that community. The very first yellow house was built there with a New Life team this past July.

Cindy Schmidt, New Life's Missions Director will also be traveling to Costa Rica so that she can get a first hand look at the ministries there. This will continue the Mission Team's effort to have a team Rep see every ministry that New Life supports.

Follow us on our short journey beginning on Friday, October 23! We leave at 6:30 AM!!! Who books these things?

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